The Hara Health Exercises have changed everything for me. I am able to be more present when interacting with other people and get closer. They react openly and with a positive attitude. My subconscious, underlying aggressiveness has diminished. Every single day, I feel an inner calmness, strength and belief in myself. I know that everything is alright and that I will get through all of life’s challenges.

Life consists of ups and downs. Even on bad days I find calmness within myself, because I know what to do to help myself and that it is all part of the journey. I see every day as a possibility to develop more into the person I wish to be. I now have more energy and joy in my life.

After more than three years with constant back pains, I now have times without pain and have more flexibility in my body. Even my migraines which I have had since I was child have reduced in number and intensity.

Almost every morning I wake up feeling curious about which exciting experiences and challenges this new day will bring me.


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