Taking on too much

We live in a world of doing, where optimism is rewarded and realism may be scorned upon. We are told to think positive by the so called experts and now we have an epidemic of stressed out people all rushing around trying to achieve and be something they are not.

These so called experts use case studies of people who are effective, productive and are the number one achievers in our world, making assumptions that are often so ludicrous one has to laugh. The sad truth of it though is that modern man seems to have been totally brainwashed by these claims and tries very hard to live by these standards. Because we are taught to think positive, to think big, we misjudge our capacities and often harm ourselves in pursuit of the “Grand”.

For many people, they don’t have, the tenacity, the negotiation skills, the sense of self to be successful, they simply don’t have the habit patterns that support success and it’s these people that actually are done a disservice when they are forced to think positive. Their nervous systems need rewiring and just trying to think themselves into being rewired is hogwash. They need to develop the habit patterns over time through experience. When in their bodies they have experienced (however small) success time and time again, and when they are supported to move through challenge instead of running away, they will start to live optimism instead of trying to think it. Optimism will be their natural mindset, a sense of possibility will be the backdrop of everything they do. And there is a difference between thinking optimistically and being optimistic, in fact they are worlds apart.

As we cultivate Hara, the nervous system is changed from the core and we develop new habit patterns that support us.

And then you may catch yourself by surprise doing things that you never imagined possible.