Is there anything you’d like to change in your life?

But somehow it evades you and you keep on playing the same “song” over and over again. You keep on eating the wrong food, it seems impossible to get to the gym, anger rears its ugly head much too often, you’re jealous and can’t seem to shake it off.

Why is it so hard to do things that are actually quite easy to do once you get your head around them?

Well there are lots of reasons why, some of them are because of external circumstances, but I would say that the real reason is Internal.

Many people believe that it is because of the way we think and that if we change our thinking then these deeply held habits will disappear. However, the way we think is a by-product of deeply held patterns in our body and nervous systems due to our past experiences and many other factors all contributing to our experience here and now.

You change these physiological patterns and you automatically think differently not the other way around.

At a very superficial level you can do it the other way around, through thinking effect change in the physiology, but usually this is not so effective for healing deeply held habit patterns. And this is why there is a worldwide trend for those in the helping professions incorporating somatic practices to help heal trauma and emotional difficulties. Talk therapy just doesn’t do it. Thinking positive for many people is stressful and may even be counter productive.

The unfortunate circumstance that we find ourselves in is that there has been so much misinformation often from the people who call themselves experts and have actually created a right mess in the world. This idea of “positive thinking” perhaps has created a greater dichotomy resulting in a split personality where we try and be positive however the underlying forces within us due to our past experiences are actually running the show.

So we have been taught to pretend to act as if, to fake it until we make it, and thus we have become a fake society all pretending to be something other than what we are. This has dire consequences that we are now witnessing in the world today.

One of the keys for change to happen and for us to heal is awareness. To use our consciousness to become aware this is the way and it has been the very thing that society in the past has been teaching us to avoid. Thank goodness that there is a resurgence of mindfulness practices. There may be hope for us still.

The Hara Health Exercises are one such somatic practice that effects change in the nervous system. It incorporates the key ingredient of awareness to bring about healing in the physiology and thus has a ripple effect in our thinking, our emotions and our actions.