Giving up before you’ve even started

I think we’ve all been there: we’ve signed up for a class, taken a contract out at the gym, registered for a course online … and then not used it.

We’ve had the best intentions to create better eating habits and greater health or tackle a project… and then our plans and grand schemes fall apart.


It seems that we are all subject to this at certain times in our lives or with certain things, for some it’s in the exercise department for others in the field of work. However, to get the greatest benefits out of something like exercise we need to do it regularly. Its no use going to the gym once a month and expect to be flexible, healthy and strong or playing the piano once and expect to be Mozart. Our body is like an amazing instrument that we can learn to play, it has so many notes and scales to explore and the Hara health exercises are a powerful way to start that exploration.


My suggestions are that you practice the Hara Health Exercises regularly over the next few months and if you want to get all the benefits that cultivating Hara provides then over the next few years.


One way to stay on track is to practice the exercises with friends at least once a week.

You could either join a group in your area or simply invite a friend around and do the exercises together.


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