Do you crumble in the face of resistance?

You may have a habit pattern that is inbuilt through past experience that shuts you down in the face of adversity or makes you run in the opposite direction. These are not just thinking patterns but they are patterns deeply woven into your nervous system and are the default on how you operate when the going gets tough. You wonder why you may not be like the other“ GUY” that when “the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

Well each of us are brought up in different ways with different parents in communities with certain values and beliefs that are ingrained into us through example, through discipline and often through shaming and through the threat of abandonment if we don’t adhere to the societies rules and regulations. We also inherit certain qualities and habit patterns from our bloodline. And then of course there are our experiences throughout life that mold us into how we are in the world. This makes each one of us unique and wired in ways that make us who we are.

The Hara Health Exercises help in rewiring the nervous system 

As you practice the exercises regularly you will begin to experience a new found confidence, a new capacity to deal with resistance in ways that were not open to you before.

I wish you good luck in your continued exploration of the Hara.