Developing a More Flexible Mind

A flexible mind helps us to see situations and challenges in ways that help us deal with the chaos, with the obstacles, with the thousand things that need to be done. When we have resilience we don’t get caught as often in frustration, anger, disappointment, or helplessness. We don’t waste so much time and energy not wanting things to be the way that they are. 

As we work with cultivating Hara, we become more even minded and have greater capacity to pace ourselves in a way that is much more efficient and productive. We start enjoying the challenges and the journey of navigating our way through, we become more comfortable in the space of not knowing how or what the outcome is. In this way we have greater opportunities for synchronicity and for new ways to unfold, often ways that had never occurred to us or ways that seemed impossible for people like us. What’s interesting is that our narrative changes we loosen the hold of whatever story we’ve been telling ourselves. And this all comes about by doing some simple exercises that start to change us from our very core.

The Hara Health exercises also offer a set of tools that we can use in everyday life to help us release the hold of emotions like, anger, anxiety, shame, fear, disappointment, confusion.


The very same principles that are used in the exercises are powerful resources to practice.


Here’s how:


  1. Notice when you’re caught up.

If for example you notice yourself getting frustrated, hardening up… this is the sign that you should practice. And the good news is that practicing helps you move through the emotion quicker with awareness and over time re-patterns your nervous system making you better and less reactive. In other words having a very different experience of how that emotion manifests in your thoughts, feelings and actions.


Take a moment to feel the body and experiencing whatever sensations are arising. What does it feel like, physically in your body? Explore it with curiosity.

This just takes a short time perhaps 10 or 20 seconds.


  1. Use the legwork in the second phase of the Hara exercises.

The beauty of this is that the legwork is done in a way that even if you are in the presence of others they will not even notice what you are doing. Since you have been practicing the H2E your body will be trained to mobilize the energy and move through it and will start to release the tension and charge of the emotion.

This may mobilize you into taking some form of positive action that is appropriate in the moment, or you may remain silent bypassing a potentially explosive situation.


  1. You will notice the body starting to regulate.

The body will be moving into a more resourceful state and it’s a good time to notice the world around you and try to be with whatever is going on. A powerful trick to get your body to breathe more deeply and assist the regulating forces is to look around you but it’s essential to move your head as you look and take in the shapes, the colors and the people. Often your body will then take a deep breath and this is very different from you voluntarily taking a big breath, It’s chalk and cheese, there is a huge qualitative difference when your body spontaneously takes the breath.