Dancing with Hara

Dance is not only about technique, sure technique is important, but what makes the difference between an awesome dancer that captivates their audience “where one is spellbound as they watch” and just a mediocre dancer…

Is it just their technique?
Is it their attitude?
Their charisma?
Their confidence?
Their vitality?
Perhaps it’s their inner-being being revealed.

When a dancer dances from their center they
dance with the rhythm of the dance of life.
When they are connected with their life force,
the divine dances them…

The hara, which is located two inches below the navel, is the storehouse of our energy, it is also the source of life, when we open to the hara, not only do we tap into an enormous reservoir of vital energy, that coarses through our veins and permeates our bodies, but our dance becomes a dance with the divine.

To dance with joy, to dance in love, to dance with total abandon so the dancer and the dance are one, our hearts need to be open. The dance of bliss requires an open tender loving heart.

To move totally into the dance one needs to be centered, connected with their life force and dance with an open heart, then the dance is something spectacular, it breathes and lives, it radiates an aura that is in-explainable and beautiful to watch, then our whole being is dancing….