You are no use to the world if you are overtired, over-stressed and overrun!


The foundation of healing stress

is in restoring the body’s self-regulating mechanisms, developing a capacity to tolerate sensation and for the body to feel safe, mobilize for action and then to be able to rest and recharge.


Stress within our comfort zone can help us


  • perform under pressure,
  • motivate us to do our best,
  •  keep us safe when danger looms.


But when stress becomes overwhelming, it can damage our mood and relationships, and lead to a host of serious mental and physical health problems. The trouble is that modern life is so full of frustrations, deadlines, and demands that many of us don’t even realize how stressed we are.


Chronic stress disrupts

nearly every system in our body and has far-reaching consequences on our physical and mental health. It can shut down our immune system, upset our digestive and reproductive systems, raise blood pressure, increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, speed up the aging process and lead to many other illnesses.


To improve your tolerance and handle more challenges without developing chronic stress you need a resilient nervous system:  


The Hara Health Exercises


  • Cultivates resilience
  • Helps people to sleep well and the foundation of resilience is a body that can sleep, a body that can rest, a body that feels safe.
  • Helps people to mobilize and take effective action
  • Helps restore a sense of goodness
  • Helps regulate emotional and physiological states
  • Allows the body to regain its natural movement
  • Helps people to feel more comfortable in their body
  • Increases ones capacity to feel their life force
  • Helps people to breathe easier


As resilience increases the mind gets clearer, it’s easier to regain perspective on one’s life, anxiety reduces and a sense of wellbeing emerges. People feel more comfortable in their body and they develop a greater capacity to come into the here and now.


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