Fostering goodness

What if you could impact the health of the communities you serve, spread your message and increase fund raising at the same time?

Strengthen and connect communities for change

Hara meetings are an effective approach in bringing people together to enhance their health, wellbeing and sense of goodness through community.

We work with partner organizations or social movements to make a difference to people’s lives. Hara Meetings are a revolutionary social platform that charities and social movements can leverage to :


Give back to your community

Develop resilience within your communities

Develop greater health and wellbeing

Increase community action

Team build

Retain and inspire your volunteers

Spread your message

Keep donors engaged

It’s a creative way to socialize, increase health and wellbeing, reduce stress and exchange ideas.

We have the vision and the knowhow to improve lives on a broad scale, benefiting current and future generations.

Unlock and enable potential

Hara meetings are a practical and inspiring approach that your organization can leverage to attain your goals. We have created an exceptional way to engender greater health, raise awareness of your project and fundraise that is practical, easily scalable and sustainable.