Is Your Sexual Center Opened Or Closed?

To open up to, activate, and heal


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the sexual center is where we experience the joys of intimacy, creativity, pleasure, our desires and sexuality and is located in the Hara region, being the lower belly about 5 cm below the navel.


Having an open or closed Sexual center has a great impact on our capacity for intimacy, relationships and the enjoyment of sex. Even if you’re open to intimacy and your sexuality there are always deeper levels and greater sensuality that you can open to.


After a Hara workshop one participant reported that after four years of being sexually inactive and shut down. That there was a resurgence of her sensuality and she started dating again and entered a new exploration and enjoyment of Sex. Somehow her feminine energy started to flow.


There are numerous reports of sexual energy rising.

If you are like most of us your sexual ecosystem could use some help..

Want a Healthier and Happier Sex Life?

opening to your Hara is opening to your personal power


an imbalance of sexual energy, from sexual addiction to …. may come more into balance as you start to open to Hara.

The sensual aspects of sex and the capacity to feel and be with the pleasure of sex is heightened.

Orgasm and Sex

Men and Sex..

If you’re comfortable with your sexuality and being touched, you’re open to a relationship or you’re in one, and you enjoy intimacy – your second chakra is open, freeing you to truly experience the joys of a relationship.

However, if you’re having problems opening up in a relationship in terms of intimacy and sexually, or feel that relationships equal pain, you’re second chakra may be closed – making it difficult for you to enjoy a deeper relationship.

If you would like to learn more about the second chakra and how you can release any blockages, watch the video below by master energy therapist, Carol Tuttle, as she shows you how you can open your second chakra up.


the organs of reproduction

the benefits

The Sacral Chakra is the second chakra and is known to be the center of pleasure, enjoyment and creativity. … The color associated with the second chakra is orange, which stands for warmth and emotion. Someone with a balanced second chakra radiates warmth and is able to speak openly about emotions.



Never been so open… The last six months of my life it’s been incredible , the connection with my husband has been so powerful. We are loving it!