The Training

The focus of the training is on health and wellbeing, and coming into relationship with our own health and vitality. Our bodymind starts to work in new ways as new pathways are created and the organs work optimally. As we support and heal our bodymind system we find that we become clearer, calmer and more vital.

Diploma and Professional Designation

Upon successful completion of the training students will be graduated with an award of a Diploma as a Hara Health Practitioner  and permission to use this designation.

Cultivating health and wellbeing

We can go through our whole lives without being connected at an experiential level to our life force. In this training we learn to be in relationship with our own health and life force.

There are an incredible array of sensations and phenomena that we can experience when we are healthy. There are certain pathways within the body, the nervous system and our energy system that are simply blocked relating to a decrease in the experience of health and vitality. When we learn how to support the natural regulating forces and mechanisms within our bodies we allow the great innate wisdom of health within us to heal us and we return to wholeness and vitality. We experience greater comfort within the body, and therefore we become more grounded in the body.

The work is not about manipulation or forcing things rather it’s learning how we get in the way of our own health and how to get out of the way so that health can transpire.

Often we require the support of a friend so that the body can heal. The most important thing is that we need to feel safe and supported in a way that our body’s innate forces that may be blocked can now unfold.

There are two important skills that we learn in this training. The first is how to guide the Hara Health Exercises in an individual session and second how to give a hands on healing session.

The hands on sesssion comes in the way of a very light, almost feather like touch. The practitioners state of being and capacity to be still and spacious are the foundation for healing to occur.

The practitioner orients towards the health and the gentle pulsing of expansion and relaxation of the tissues, organs and bones. It’s rather revolutionary and exciting to witness how our body breathes and the deeper forces and rhythms within. To experience this in others is also incredible. In fact each time that we support another in finding greater health we also heal, grow and expand.


How can we use touch in a way that is supportive to another person’s health and wellbeing?

We can experience many things occurring within another person’s body through our hands. Also as we cultivate our own experience of ourselves at a sensation level we naturally become more receptive to the happenings within others.

In this training we cultivate a sensory based touch that has a remarkable impact on the Health of our patients. There is no manipulation or palpation in this method. Over time we develop the capacity to experience the anatomy and the different rhythms and motions within the body.

This is a transformative process:

  • Where we support the body to reset its natural health supporting functions.
  • We help people to gain a new relationship with their bodies,
  • This has a great impact on their emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.
  • This way of supporting someone is very practical and simple to learn and yet it has enormous power to affect change in a person’s life at all levels.

The theory is imparted in a simple way and draws out what the essence is and focuses on what is important rather than complicated theoretical models. The training focuses more on the practical side, so there are lots of practical examples and many exercises to explore the phenomena in the body and also how to support others in a treatment.


Students often report how amazed they are when they experience the phenomena within. From the beginning of each day through to the end of the day we explore the mind and body through a variety of body awareness exercises and meditations. There are many explorations to help you to get in touch with different parts of your body.

The training cultivates sensory based touch and deepens and expands your perceptual capacities. We explore the power of a soft peripheral gaze that helps us to become aware of the spaciousness all around as well as within us. We learn how to tune into the silence and stillness that all life emerges from.

Hands on sessions

The training has daily hands on sessions which are designed not only for learning how to be with a person and to develop the qualities of sensory based touch and perception, but also to receive many hands on sessions so that your bodymind system can experience the work and also so you go through a powerful transformation, heal and become more whole. It seems that we often need support from others to shift long-standing difficulties or ways of being. Often the bodymind shifts in ways within a few sessions that may take years to shift by ourselves. Thus we can really speed up our spiritual, mental, emotional healing hundredfold.

Clients go away with a deeper understanding about how their body works. They start to understand the power of becoming embodied and witnessing their sensations. So the session is also a mini training in perceptual studies for the client. They learn how to access their own health and to connect with their inner reservoirs of vitality.

The approach

It’s about:

  • the practitioners clarity of perception.
  • what they focus on and how they focus.
  • what kind of environment they create for healing to arise.
  • their quality of touch.
  • one’s own capacity to self-regulate.
  • developing patience and a state of non-doing

In order to achieve this there is a process of self-development that needs to occur. In terms of physical embodiment and also resolution of traumatic patterning still held in the physiology. Developing greater capacity to sense sensations throughout the body and cultivating the tolerance to be with these sensations in a state of equanimity.

There is a two- three month period between seminars and part of the training is to swap sessions with your colleagues. This helps to continue and deepen your own healing and also to develop your skills. It is good to swap sessions with different people so that you get to experience different bodies, different systems, everybody is unique and the healing process for each person unfolds in its own sequence and intensity.

Felt-sense awareness

In the training we encourage felt-sense awareness through movement, introspection, meditation and body awareness exercises. We incorporate qi gong, the three steps and other awareness practices. This course gives simple and easy illustrated ways to contact and connect with the body.

What are the benefits from this way of working?

There are literally hundreds of benefits that occur at all levels of our lives.

As we resolve any traumatic patterning the body feels better and we can then access the felt sense of health and vitality. The capacity to self-regulate is at the core of wellbeing and happiness, hundreds of physical symptoms can improve and many disappear, physical symptoms like, migranes, insomnia, stress, hyper tension.

The hands on sessions can stimulate the natural forces of health and therefore relieve dis-ease and restore health to the body. It’s particularly strong in helping autonomic nervous system disorders. Our autonomic nervous system regulates most of our mechanisms that keep us alive, like digestion, sleep/wake cycles, breathing, body temperature, capacity to rest, sexual libido, blood pressure, our fight flight responses, our stress response, our relaxation response, its also involved with our emotions, like anger, fear etc so all of these things can be reset by creating greater resilience in the ANS.

This way of working is fantastic in helping to manage and resolve pain syndromes also to help heal spinal issues, so if someone hurts their back a few sessions has great success. People who have energy problems, either too hyper or too depleted this work can help to balance and return the persons system to health.

Breathing issues either from past trauma or just that a person has developed shallow breathing patterns, and its even effective with asthma sufferers. It’s the best therapy for helping those heal from anxiety, panic attacks, anger issues and even depression. It’s helpful in opening a person to their power and creativity. For those that have been blocked sexually or have some sexual trauma this is the best work to find resolution and open to ones sexuality and sensuality.

It helps to stabilize people and bring them into balance, bringing them into relationship with their inner resources and empowering them.

The sessions have great clinical outcomes and often its someone’s pain or illness that guides them towards finding help and healing and then they find something deeper and a way to move to greater spiritual fulfillment.