The Hara Health Exercises are a sequence of simple physical and perceptual exercises

that help in returning the body’s natural self-regulating mechanisms to health. Thus having a powerful and positive effect on our overall wellbeing.

Everyone, from children to the elderly can benefit from these Exercises.

Say yes to greater health and peace of mind

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  • Working with the Hara in a group is very powerful.


    There is strength in numbers and this accelerates, deepens and amplifies the healing.Participants report deep shifts in their awareness and in their body. Many also experience long awaited shifts in their lives following a Hara Workshop.


    The Hara Workshop is a catalyst for change. The resonance of the group and the holding of a safe space by the facilitator is a powerful environment for healing.


    If you would like to host a workshop in your community you can send our office an invite.


  • Become a Hara health coach and help people to experience greater health and wellbeing.

    Learn to give individual interactive sessions with clients and to guide group sessions.

    There are three modules where we explore the fundamentals of how to support the healing in ourselves and in others. This will be demonstrated through lecture, audiovisual presentation, perceptual explorations and session exchanges.

    There are usually 2-3 months in-between each module so that the student can practice, assimilate and integrate the new knowledge, and the powerful experiences and understandings that occur in the workshop.

    Upon successful completion Certification as a Hara Health Coach is granted.