Say yes to greater health and peace of mind

There is a quiet revolution unfolding, an inner transformation as more and more people are bringing health, wellbeing and mindfulness to their daily lives. This is a Godsend, –it is the antidote to the chronic stress epidemic that is sweeping through the modern world.

The best way to experience the magic of the Hara Health Exercises is to do them with a friend or two.


1.  A place where friends come together

2. Weekly guidance, advice and support

3. Like-minded people



 Come along to a meeting near you 


Here’s how it works:


1. Come to a meeting and experience the Hara Health Exercises.

It’s a new way to Socialize, we do the Hara Health Exercises then enjoy a few snacks with friends. When our nervous systems are more restful we feel safe and have a greater time socializing. This is extremely healing!

2. Continue the exercises on your own at home.

By doing the Hara Health Exercises daily you are providing the perfect way to bring your nervous system into greater resilience and experience deeper restfulness. Its when we are at rest that the rejuvenating forces within us work their magic. When our nervous system has greater resilience we find we have more capacity to handle all the challenges that come our way and we can access the joy of being alive.

3. Meet regularly for Hara Health Sessions with friends.

You’ll meet an instant support network of people on the same journey as you. Often we need the motivation to keep us on the journey and it’s a fun way to meet your friends too.

4. Host a Hara session at your home, office or club.

It’s a powerful way to keep the flame alive and pass on the benefits to your friends and family. The more people who benefit the better our world will be. When we are more regulated and resilient we are happier and happy people don’t argue and fight as much rather they find creative ways to live better. So if you’d like to do your part and be part of this quiet revolution.

It’s Simple to Host a Session:

1. Invite a friend or two,

2 Demonstrate the exercises or play the demonstration video from the website.

3. Play the guided audio and everyone including you do the exercises.

4. Offer snacks or a meal and socialize. Informally, enquire how they feel after doing the exercises. Help your friends to download the free guided audio, so they can continue doing the exercises at home.

5. If you’d like,  phone up those that came to the session a day or two later and inquire how they have been feeling.

6. Encourage your friends to hold a meeting at their place. You could offer to mentor them through it.



Be active at

your own pace


No matter your age, experience or daily schedule, we’ll help you get moving towards embracing an active healthy lifestyle.

The recipe for success

1. Many locations

 2. Support and guidance

3. Friendly, safe and social



Motivation and Togetherness 

Group support, tips and advice from friends – be in it together it’s more effective than going it alone.


Guidance from a Friend who’s done the Hara Health Exercises

The sessions are held by friends who open their homes, offices or clubs to others in a spirit of sharing and spreading the goodwill that comes from the Hara Health Exercises.


Anytime, anywhere access to health and wellbeing

You can download for free a 15 minute guided audio that you can do anytime, anywhere and keep on  your journey to greater health and wellbeing.


 Wellbeing for life