The Hara exercises are both a meditation and an exercise routine.

The slow gentle circling movements of the Hara Exercises are the perfect solution for those that find it difficult to sit still and meditate.



Hara Health Exercises are a journey inwards, a return through sensation into union with your body and the present moment. Many people ask what type of meditation do you teach because there are so many types available and the best way to describe what I teach is “Embodied Spaciousness.” We use movement, breath and the felt-sense to develop spiritual awareness.


The Hara Exercises have their roots in Vipassana Meditation, which is an ancient meditation technique from India and was taught by Gautama The Buddha. He said, “If you watch the sensations in the body rise and fall in a state of equanimity you will purify your body and mind.”

The exercises are in three phases designed to bring about a deeper state of restfulness and the sequence promotes healing and resilience in the nervous system. Be Still and Know.


When a person can become still and quiet they open to the divine.


The Hara Health Exercises offer the perfect format to leave behind all your worries and duties and to give yourself the gift of silence and meditation. This may be a truly life transforming experience, opening the pathways to greater peace and harmony.

A Mindfulness practice to infuse more patience, resilience, and well being into your life. Sue


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