The Hara Exercises are mental and physical medicine for those suffering from burnout, injuries or recovering from operations.

These Exercises are perfect for those with dodgy shoulders, crunchy knees and bad backs.

Hara health is about slowing the heck down. There is some wisdom in the saying “slowing down to speed up” and that is exactly what The Hara Exercises help one to do.

After an injury, the organism has much shock within the system that needs to be released for the person to rest. Its when the body is resting that healing and rejuvenation happen.

The exercises bring the body into parasympathetic dominance, helping to ‘reset’ the self-regulating mechanisms of the body and releasing the impact of the shock from the body. This increases the capacity for the inherent healing mechanisms of the body to go about their business and do their magic.

Whether  you’ve been in a car accident, fallen off your bicycle, recovering from surgery, suffered a sports injury or simply twisted your ankle, The Hara exercises will help you to heal faster so you can get back on “your game”.

We suggest 

You do the Hara health exercises for at least 21 days, you will notice many improvements on all levels: physical, physiological, mental and emotional.

You will be utilizing your downtime in a powerful way that may  impact your future performance for the better. Your injury may even have be a blessing in disguise.


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