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Learn to hold the space for others to meditate and heal.

The Hara Meditation is a dynamic healing meditation.

The slow gentle circling movements of the Hara Meditation are the perfect solution for those that find it difficult to sit still and meditate.


The Hara Meditation shifts and changes the physiology far more effectively than simple mindfulness. Why? Because it uses mindfulness in sensing the sensations within the body and honors the very homeostatic processes that bring about equilibrium in the body and mind. The design of the three phases helps to reset the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). One can say that the meditation is designed to heal, so every time you do it, you are giving yourself a healing session. You are giving your body the needed attention that is sorely missing in this fast paced super charged world we now live in. Every time you are doing it, you are being mindful, and you are meditating.


The practice of ‘present moment awareness’ is enhanced by the three phases, as they bring about greater nervous system resilience and this increases the capacity to experience the present moment with awareness.


Charles has been approached by an increasing number of people wanting to know the difference between mindfulness and Hara Meditation. Having learned mindfulness, will moving on to Hara Meditation give them greater depth and increased peace of mind that they are seeking? Or having learned other meditation techniques like Transcendental Meditation, or Vipassana Meditation to name a few, would they still benefit from learning the Hara Meditation? The short answer to this is yes!


The practice of ‘present moment awareness’ is enhanced by the Hara Meditation


Not all meditations are the same.


The Hara Meditation employs mindfulness to bring about greater body awareness, greater body awareness is one of the hallmarks of health and wellbeing. Becoming aware of how the body charges ( mobilizing to take action, ), discharges( releasing energy that is no longer required), then enters relaxed awareness is crucial to healing symptoms of trauma and stress. The worlds of psychotherapy, psychology and psychiatry are now realizing that to heal trauma, chronic stress and difficult emotional patterns that bringing body awareness into their clinical interventions is crucial.


Body awareness is one of the hallmarks of health and wellbeing.


Sitting still can be agonizing


For many people sitting still can be a horrible experience because as you become still, whatever is inside comes bubbling up into your awareness. This is especially true for those that “cannot sit still”, the workaholics, the ones on “ON”. Interestingly these are the people that will benefit the most from meditation. In the Hara Meditation the slow rhythmic circling motion solves the problem that sitting still has for many people. The clever processes and sequencing bring about deep restfulness by honoring the natural self-regulating forces within the body. Experiencing the Hara Meditation’s effect on the mind and body is unmistakable and the best thing is they fit right into our modern way of living since only 15 minutes a day can add immeasurable benefits to your life.

We are offering The Hara Health Mediation and Practitioner Training in Copenhagen for existing health professionals considering adding a new modality to their work as well as individuals wanting to start a career in an exciting and evolving modality.


Kreativ Yoga Skole. Prs Maries Alle 13, 1908 Frederiksberg.

Training Dates:

Module 1: 24th-26th November 2017

Module 2: 23rd -25th March  and 30th March – 1st April 2018

Module 3: May 25th 27th and  1st-3rd  June 2018

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