Soulful fun in the Sun

16th February – 29 February 2020

The perfect mixture of holiday, exercise, meditation and healing..

North Goa is one of those spots that you can still call paradise.
Every day you wake up to amazing weather, its hot in the day so you can enjoy time in the ocean and cool at night perfect for sleeping. We will be staying in Mandrem, it’s the quieter area so we can sleep at night, meditate, do Qigong and Hara Yoga, walk on the beach all in a peaceful environment. However, Ashwem and Arambol are only minutes away and one can enjoy all that these areas have to offer. Goa is juicy, and you will find it all here. There are places to party, great restaurants with delicious food all at a fraction of the prices in the West. Arambol is buzzy and alive there are many music gigs and dance shows to enjoy over a meal. World class Masseurs, tarot readers, astrologers, and psychics are all available to consult. And if you enjoy dancing there are ecstatic and bliss dances where you can dance your heart out in wholesome environments.

Price from:

£425 GBP per person

There is always magic in Goa. Its the lure of its unending white sand beaches,necklaced by swaying palms, clear blue skies swooping to meet chiffon green waves.


Charles is a healer, meditation teacher and Author of the transformational book The Alchemist’s Way. He Lives in India and teaches internationally.

Charles’ fusion of meditation, tantra, qigong, Hara Yoga, breath work and movement for a healthy mind, body, and spirit started in the 1990s, he has studied with masters in India and Japan. He teaches privately, delivers workshops, trainings, master classes and retreats all over the world. His practice is gentle, meditative and deeply healing. His motto is: Healing in Happiness.

Charles’ friends enjoy his deep meditative style. His work is based on five tenets-movement, stillness, awareness, love and compassion. His classes offer much more than a series of stretches and ohms. The focus is on awareness and nervous system resilience, plus self-healing mechanisms of the body and mind. Straight from the heart, Charles’ sessions will work wonders for beginners to highly experienced practitioners. You will learn some simple and easy-to-follow sequences that will open you to greater health and vitality.

As Charles’ heart continues to blossom he finds that he has a profound capacity to help others heal, awaken to their hearts and become more intimate with their true nature.

Charles has been living in India for the past thirteen years so he is the perfect host to make sure your holiday is safe, fun and meaningful. Goa is what he calls a “soft landing” in India, yet it still has some of its craziness. India is colorful, and doesn’t work in the same manner as the west. So it’s the perfect holiday if you want something different.


Cora Kemball-Cook – British Wheel of Yoga teacher

Cora has been teaching yoga for 20 years and practicing yoga since the mid-seventies so has accumulated a wealth of experience in different types of yoga from many teachers. These teachers range from the traditional Iyengar style of teaching to the gentler style of Desikachar which builds up gently to the main posture and she combines aspects of these teachings with the awareness that Vanda Scaravelli brought to the yoga of gravity and the breath. She qualified with the British Wheel of Yoga train yoga teachers in 2005 to and uses the newly built yoga studio in Harbledown as a base for teacher training. For details of this go to

She has been practicing Transcendental meditation for many years and studying yoga philosophy so every class includes strands of philosophy and some pranayama, meditation, and relaxation.

She is delighted to have this opportunity to be teaching on a retreat where  daily  practice gives students an opportunity to make real progress in their yoga .


 What we offer:

– 14 nights in a bamboo beach bungalow.
– Hara Health Exercises
– Yoga (Somatic movement Sessions)
– Heart Healing Sessions
– Qigong
– Meditations in nature

This program is well-paced and suitable for all levels of experience and fitness.

We Practice Qigong each morning on the beach from 8 – 9.30 am.

You are then free to enjoy breakfast, the beach and all that Goa has to offer.

At 5 pm we meet again Yoga

Qigong and Hara work include joint opening exercises, movement forms, standing and sitting postures, other somatic exercises. The evenings are your own to explore the many restaurants and other nightlife available.

There is lots of time to relax, enjoy swimming and long walks on the sea shore.




All in all, there’s something for everyone!

So if you’re hoping for a little sun, sea and something else this winter come to Goa….

Many people have fallen in love with Goa and return year after year, perhaps you will too, it truly is a paradise.  Talking about love, well it’s a fantastic place to fall in love. Romantic sunset walks along the beach, dinner with your feet in the sand and the light tunes of waves breaking on the shore, all this makes for a wonderful place for romance so whether you want to rekindle – or further fuel – the flame of your current relationship or perhaps fortune is on your side and you meet the perfect partner this holiday.

We start the week off with the Hara health exercises on the first afternoon and in the evening we enjoy a welcome dinner together. The Hara health exercises are an easy yet effective set of exercises that bring you into your body. They have a powerful effect on resetting the nervous system releasing the body of pent up stress leaving you feeling rested and renewed.

Over the next two weeks, we will explore the body and mind through various somatic movements and meditations, from a gentle sequence of yoga type exercises, to opening to the oceanic vibrations with Qigong on the beach, sunset meditations and heart healings. In the Last few days of the retreat there is only a morning program giving time for shopping and to tie up loose ends.

For our last evening together we will dine out at one of Goa’s famous restaurants as we say our goodbyes and return to our different corners of the world, taking with us the memories and friendships that are the joy of India.

The Timetable

Day 1 13:30 Information meeting

17:30 -18:30 Qigong and Hara Health exercises,

19:00 Dinner

Day 2 -Day 68:00 -9:30 Morning Session

17:30 – 18.30 Afternoon Session

Day 7 : Free Day
Day 8 – Day 11 : 8:00 -9:30 Morning Session

17:30 – 18.30 Afternoon Session

Day 12 –Day 14 : 8:00 -9:30 Morning Session

There’s no better way to reconnect than to slow down, de-stress and open your heart.



We shall be staying at a Beach-front Resort in a cozy bamboo beach bungalow – a cabana with private bath and toilet, price 1.800 INR (£20 GBP) per night for a single room. The staff are friendly and it’s safe, comfortable and pleasant.

Each bungalow has one double bed with a comfortable mattress, and mosquito netting, set in an airy room with room to hang your clothes and store your belongings. Constructed to make use of the natural ventilation from the cooling sea breeze, they also have ceiling fans for more tropical times of the year.

Price Breakdown:
Course fee: £425 GBP (paid in advance)
Diet at local restaurants and lodging in single room bungalow:
about £500 GBP. To pay at the resort and restaurants as you go.
Flights. £540 GBP.
Approximate Total: ( £1,465 GBP )

Flight: You must book and pay for your flight! Arrive in Goa airport before 11:00 the day the retreat starts.

Remember that the price of your trip depends on when you book your ticket and who you fly with. . Prices and times Momondo.

 An adventure full of travel, fun, growth, and incredible experiences


This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with nature, the universe and yourself.

Just book your flight, pack your bags, and show up. All other details are taken care of for you!

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 Incredible India Retreat includes

Fees for Hosting and Tuition
Airport transfers from GOA AIRPORT

Price & Booking
Price is per person on single supplement.

£700 GBP per person


Incredible India retreat excludes

Accommodation : Pay directly at the resort
All food and drinks
Items of personal nature
Visas for India
Travel and medical insurance
All international flights to and from Goa, India.

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