For Japanese and Chinese Martial Artists, The Hara or Lower Dantian, is highly important for their practice, because it is the reservoir of ones vital or source energy. It is also the center of gravity for a human being. Many martial art styles, amongst them Aikido, emphasize the importance of “moving from the hara”,i.e. moving from the center of one’s very being – body and mind.


It is written in the book “Bruce Lee – The Art of Expressing the Human Body” that,

“The abdominal and waist region coordinate all parts of the body and act as the center or generator. Therefore, you can promote the ability to control the body’s actions and master your will more easily.”


Yin changes to Yang and Yang in turn returns to Yin.

The Hara Health Exercises are Yin in nature and balance and complement the intense Yang physical nature of Martial Arts.

Many people think that the way to develop Hara is through developing abdominal muscles, by crunching, twisting, breathing, Or by thinking about the area.


How do you actually develop hara?

The short answer is through a sequence of movements designed to bring greater health to the region of Hara, developing awareness, connection and health.

The way to develop Hara is through the faculty of the felt-sense and bringing the felt-sense of this area to conscious awareness. Awareness is the Key.


By cultivating Hara you will:

  • Develop core strength
  • Open to your 6th sense
  • Improve your balance and grounding
  • Increase your speed and agility
  • Anticipate your opponent’s moves far more quickly, dramatically reducing the number of times you get hit
  • You’ll flow and be dynamic in your movement
  • Move more efficiently, more quickly and directly
  • Supercharge your confidence


If you put hara at the top of your list of things to develop, you will make massive improvements in your technique and overtime you will discover how powerful hara really can be…


And it’s great for instructors who want the BEST for their students…

If you are an instructor and want to be able to take your students beyond their current level, then incorporating The Hara Health Exercises into your classes is essential.

Everyone who practices the Hara Exercises will see development in their skills and the way they use their body. You’ll raise the bar and your students will become formidable competitors…

The best thing is that it’s immediately available for your download right now!


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From professional fighters to absolute beginners

The Hara exercises will make you feel stronger, more balanced and grounded. Charles teaches privately, delivers workshops, trainings, master classes and retreats all over the world. His practice is deeply healing, it complements the very physical, active, stimulating forms of exercise whether it be Martial arts, Sports, yoga, fitness or dance. To invite him to your school, club or to take some individual sessions Click here.


After doing the exercises for the first time people may experience deep fatigue for a few days before the body rights itself and feels invigorated so don’t do them for the first time too close to an important tournament.