Dance is not only about technique, sure technique is important, but what makes the difference between an awesome dancer that captivates their audience “where one is spellbound as they watch” and just a mediocre dancer…


Is it just their technique?
Is it their attitude?
Their charisma?
Their confidence?
Their vitality?

Perhaps it’s their inner-being being revealed.


When a dancer dances from their center they
dance with the rhythm of the dance of life.
When they are connected with their life force,
the divine dances them…

Charles Lambrou                


The hara, which is located two inches below the navel, is the storehouse of our energy, it is also the source of life, when we open to the hara, not only do we tap into an enormous reservoir of vital energy, that coarses through our veins and permeates our bodies, but our dance becomes a dance with the divine.

To dance with joy, to dance in love, to dance with total abandon so the dancer and the dance are one, our hearts need to open. The dance of bliss requires an open tender loving heart.

To move totally into the dance one needs to be centered, connected with their life force and dance with an open heart, then the dance is something spectacular, it breathes and lives, it radiates an aura that is in-explainable and beautiful to watch, then our whole being is dancing….

Empowering the Dancer

The Hara Exercises increase resilience in the Nervous system and cultivate greater agility in the dancer. This will make a huge difference in their performance and health. It brings the body into parasympathetic dominance, helping to ‘reset’ the self-regulating mechanisms of the body. It seems that The Hara Health Exercises fine-tunes the organism for optimum performance. Those that practice the exercises also develop greater confidence in life, and this is so important for aspiring dancers.

Some of the benefits:

  • Works with the core,
  • Releases tension in the Psoas muscles.
  • Releases tension in the pelvic region
  • Develops greater connection with center of gravity
  • Develops connection with ground and increases stability and balance
  • Increases body awareness
  • Increases capacity to rest
  • Faster recovery time after intense training
  • Helps one to know their own body


The Hara health exercises are effective, make a qualitative difference and help to fine-tune the body, mind and soul. All you need to do is try them out. If you do the Hara health exercises for 21 days, you will notice many improvements on many levels: physical, physiological, mental and emotional.

And it’s great for Dance Teachers who want the BEST for their students…

If you are a Dance teacher and want to be able to take your students beyond their current level, then incorporating The Hara Health Exercises into your classes is essential.

Everyone who practices the Hara Exercises will see development in their skills and the way they use their body. You’ll raise the bar and your students will become wonderful dancers…

The best thing is that it’s immediately available for your download right now!


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From professional Dancers to absolute beginners

The Hara exercises will make you feel stronger, more balanced and grounded. Charles teaches privately, delivers workshops, trainings, master classes and retreats all over the world. His practice is deeply healing, it complements the very physical, active, stimulating forms of exercise whether it be sports, yoga, fitness or dance. To invite him to your school or to take some individual sessions Click here.



After doing the exercises for the first time people may experience deep fatigue for a few days before the body rights itself and feels invigorated so don’t do them for the first time too close to a performance.