Module 1 -The Hara Health Exercises


The Hara Health Exercises have been designed to facilitate healing and create greater resilience in the nervous system.

Most deeply emotional or highly charged events impact our bodymind leaving our brain and body altered and the echo of these sensations lives in the bodymind throughout the rest of our lives, whether we realize it or not. – more likely not.

The most effective way of healing stress and trauma is to be with the body by sensing the sensations and providing the right amount of support so that the body may regulate down to a state of alert restfulness and flow.


In this module you will:


  • Learn how to give a Hara health exercises session.
  • Learn The Three Steps
  • Learn about the physiological basis of stress
  • Study tracking skills, titration and establishing continuity through the felt sense.
  • Learn about containment, resourcing and empowerment.
  • Learn to maintain healthy boundaries
  • Investigate the transformative qualities of the hara health exercises
  • Review of the neurology related to the stress response, the role of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.
  • The importance of orienting clients to an awareness of sensation and felt-sense reality.
  • Learn grounding, pacing and orienting skills.
  • Learn about the importance of REST.


Module 2 – Establishing the foundations


In this module we introduce the qualities the practitioner requires to be of greatest benefit to their clients. These qualities are practiced and reinforced throughout the training. Perceptual exercises are practiced together with body awareness exercises. We introduce the relational field and the practitioner presence. We develop greater grounding and open to stillness.


You will learn :


  • To give a hands on healing session
  • To establish a state of balanced awareness
  • To negotiate the contact space with your client
  • To establish a clear relational field
  • To establish the environment and condition for healing to occur
  • To explore the innate wisdom of the body
  • The art of perception
  • To facilitate the relationship of the body and the forces of health.


Module 3 – The Hara


 In this module you will learn about the importance of the Hara and we will explore the dynamics and the interrelations with the inner organs and how to support them to express greater health and to unveil the Hara and connect us once again to the source of life and our inner wellspring of vital energies. We introduce the healing forces within and also outside of the body. The art of perception is practiced and refined. We gain a deeper understanding of stillness and its therapeutic effects. We start to explore how to support the organism to resolve its issues in a holistic way


You will learn about:


  • Facilitating the vitality within each of us
  • Deepening into the settling processes
  • Mobility and motility
  • Wholeness
  • The gut and umbilical affects
  • The psoas muscle and its role
  • The fluid nature of organs and the physiology of the body
  • The sacrum


Diploma and Professional Designation

Upon successful completion of the training students will be graduated with an award of a Diploma as a Hara Health Practitioner  and permission to use this designation.