The Alchemist’s Way is making a unique contribution

to healing on a global scale.

The profound yet simple teachings are helping people throughout the world find inner peace and greater fulfillment in their lives. At the core of the teachings lie mindfulness practice and the powerful transformational technique The Three Steps that leads to health and wellbeing.

Have you ever wondered?

    • If there are hidden forces within driving your thoughts and behaviors.
    • What things are affecting you and limiting your ability to function to your full potential.
    • Why negative experiences from your past have a bigger impact on you than you think.
    • Why it is so difficult to calm your mind.
    • Why it is difficult to feel love and compassion all the time

Charles invites us to join him, in the journey of the alchemist as he adventures through the events of life familiar to so many of us. Giving a step-by-step method for healing the wounds that bind each of us to our recurring difficult and negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

The Healing Power of the Body

The Alchemist’s Way details the interesting, unexpected and sometimes unexplainable world of the mind-body. Through personal life reflections, and case histories Charles engages the reader on the body’s innate healing power.He teaches us how to be aware and what to be aware of so we can make positive changes in our body, in our brain – and in our life.

How will this impact your life?

    • Improve your mental, emotional, and spiritual health
    • Help you create more happiness in your life, regardless of your past or present circumstances
    • Help you to open to having loving and healthy relationships
    • Improve your creativity, emotional intelligence, and mental functioning
    • Significantly improve your overall sense of wellbeing and inner peace

Help you create your own success in the world, along with the personal satisfaction and sense of fulfillment that comes with being successful

The Alchemist’s Way – Health, Happiness and Wellbeing is a gift
to the humanity that have gotten lost in the endless time and space
of thinking and reasoning, a fact that continuously generates cycles
of suffering and confusion. Lambrou’s personal stories reveal many body,
mind and soul experiences that are truly life transforming. His book is a great
benefit for me and to all those I help, it sets an excellent example of where and
how we learn how to heal ourselves using the key word:
Awareness. Awareness that sets us free!
Efu Nyaki , Body-oriented therapist, and a faculty member of 
Peter Levine’s
Somatic Experiencing professional training programs

Charles has brought together great insights into the biology of health
and trauma and made it accessible for the general public.
This is such important knowledge for everyone and helps
explain why illness and pain manifest in our bodies. The book
describes how we experience life and how the body physiology
copes with stress, strain and injury. The book goes onto look
at body awareness and emotion offering ways to become more present
and perceptive of your body and its unconscious patterns as a way
to resolve and free your system. I thoroughly recommend this book.

Ged Sumner, Director of Body Intelligence Training and author of Body Intelligence:
Creating a New Environment

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Charles is a gifted writer who is contributing to the fields of healing and spiritual growth.
He draws on his work with trauma healing, meditation and spirituality to offer insights
into health and inner healing. The Alchemist’s way is a journey to discover the natural healing
powers that reside deep within every human being. It is engaging, it is accessible, it is a must read
for all of us in the therapeutic community and laypeople alike.

Dr Diane Poole Heller, PhD, Trauma and Attachment Model Expert,
Author of Crash course and a Senior faculty member of 
Peter Levine’s
Somatic Experiencing professional training programs.

There has never been a better time to read The Alchemist’s Way. Our fast modern paced lifestyle has resulted in stress being at pandemic proportions. Thanks to Charles and his kind sharing, using The Three Steps I have been able to transform my stress and emotional difficulties into a deep sense of engagement with the ebb and flow of time, and the experiences of life. I highly recommend each and every person to get a copy you will be glad you did.
— Dr Judy Tyler MD
The Alchemist’s Way has a universal appeal, it has no dogma and transcends all religions, and cultures. It is simply a journey within, to understand the body’s enormous role in everything we think, say and do. — Donald Sai