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Hara Meetings-healing trauma

“Safety modulates our ability to develop secure attachments. Whether an individual feels safe with people during early development might modulate individual differences in vulnerability to trauma.”   The Quest for Safety in a Dangerous World Powerful changes are possible if social be-haviour has the opportunity to promote a sense of safety. Effective social interactions may actively […]

Hara Meditation teacher training info evening

Take part in the inner revolution unfolding across the planet.   Learn to hold the space for others to meditate and heal. The Hara Meditation is a dynamic healing meditation. The slow gentle circling movements of the Hara Meditation are the perfect solution for those that find it difficult to sit still and meditate.   […]

Giving up before you’ve even started

I think we’ve all been there: we’ve signed up for a class, taken a contract out at the gym, registered for a course online … and then not used it. We’ve had the best intentions to create better eating habits and greater health or tackle a project… and then our plans and grand schemes fall […]

Taking on too much

We live in a world of doing, where optimism is rewarded and realism may be scorned upon. We are told to think positive by the so called experts and now we have an epidemic of stressed out people all rushing around trying to achieve and be something they are not. These so called experts use […]

Do you crumble in the face of resistance?

You may have a habit pattern that is inbuilt through past experience that shuts you down in the face of adversity or makes you run in the opposite direction. These are not just thinking patterns but they are patterns deeply woven into your nervous system and are the default on how you operate when the […]

Developing a More Flexible Mind

A flexible mind helps us to see situations and challenges in ways that help us deal with the chaos, with the obstacles, with the thousand things that need to be done. When we have resilience we don’t get caught as often in frustration, anger, disappointment, or helplessness. We don’t waste so much time and energy […]

Dancing with Hara

Dance is not only about technique, sure technique is important, but what makes the difference between an awesome dancer that captivates their audience “where one is spellbound as they watch” and just a mediocre dancer… Is it just their technique? or Is it their attitude? Their charisma? Their confidence? Their vitality? Perhaps it’s their inner-being […]