Activating Hara


Discover a simple practice for restoring, balancing and invigorating your body, mind and soul.


Hara draws on the Ancient Wisdom preserved within the Mysteries from the Japanese and Taoist masters whilst integrating the latest modern understandings from the fields of traumatology, psychology and neurobiology.


Deep within the belly approximately two inches below the navel lies an important area that is not only our center of gravity but also holds the key to our energy system it is referred to as The Hara. As we explore and clear the blockages we become more intimate with this vast energy source and our lives change in fundamental ways: we become more grounded and we feel more stable and secure. The way we experience our emotions takes on a new dimension and we soon notice our thinking changes, our actions become more wholesome and we live a new life.

If you’re on a path of self-discovery, add the wisdom of Hara to your personal tool kit and discover how:


  • To give your body, mind and spirit a revitalizing overhaul.
  • To increase your ability to flex & flow with all of life’s hiccups
  • To deeply transform your life and greatly shift your interplay with the universe.
  • To expand your mind-body awareness for holistic healing
  • To re-pattern your thoughts and emotions — to serve you and your greatest good.
  • To have greater aliveness and confidence to live life your way.



Creating a more grounded foundation for experiencing all of life.


What others are saying:


Hara helped me recognize the body as a treasure that can be used to deepen and enhance my life experience. June


I am amazed how Hara has helped in transforming my relationship to life’s major themes: safety, belonging, support, power, freedom, control, responsibility, love, appreciation, sexuality and spirituality. Anonymous


You’ll be empowered to shift how you engage in your life — freeing you to live your potential and share your gifts with the world. Chris


A Mindfulness practice to infuse more patience, resilience, and well being into your life. Sue



An incredible way of inner exploration and deep healing

The workshop is run in different formats from one to three days and includes awareness, perceptual and movement exercises, guided practice sessions, and we complete the two or three-day workshop with a powerful deep yet gentle hands-on healing session.


You will also learn a revolutionary set of exercises you can practice at home: The Hara Health Exercises are a sequence of simple physical and perceptual exercises that help in returning the body’s natural self-regulating mechanisms to health.


At the most basic level the exercises help in creating resilience in the nervous system and this has many benefits for our health, our ability to rest and rejuvenate, reducing levels of stress, having a positive influence at all levels of our functioning and improving our sense of wellbeing. They enhance our connection with the body and fine-tune our organism for optimum performance. At the deepest level Hara is a portal opening us to the spiritual dimension.


Transform your life in Just 15 minutes per day.


These exercises are the need of the moment for we are facing a chronic stress epidemic, school and college students are experiencing unprecedented stress. Indeed, the whole work force and all executives can do with a helping hand.



Reducing stress and increasing resilience in the Nervous system is essential for:


  • First responders,
  • The police force,
  • The army,
  • Nurses
  • Doctors, and
  • All therapists




Doing the Hara exercises gives me a daily nurturing calmness. An anchor in the day: meaning in the sense of gravity, and a feeling of a daily routine that gives me joy and much Better sleep. My sleep simply feels more nurturing. I feel less hectic inside. More at peace, less fight and fewer periods in the day where I feel tired. I am more restful in myself.



The Hara Health Exercises have changed everything for me. I am able to be more present when interacting with other people and get closer. They react openly and with a positive attitude. My subconscious, underlying aggressiveness has diminished. Every single day, I feel an inner calmness, strength and belief in myself. I know that everything is alright and that I will get through all of life’s challenges.



Hara: Enhancing performance

A New Wave of Possibility



The Hara exercises cultivate greater agility in athletes. This makes a marked difference in their performance. The exercises bring the body into parasympathetic dominance, helping to ‘reset’ the self-regulating mechanisms of the body, unleashing its power.


A powerful somatic bodywork practice.


The exercises:


  • Work with the core,
  • Work with our fight and flight responses
  • Releases tension in the Psoas muscles.
  • Releases tension in the pelvic region
  • Develops greater connection with your center of gravity
  • Develops connection with the ground and increases stability and balance
  • Increases body awareness
  • Increases capacity to rest
  • Improves quality of breath
  • Faster recovery time after intense training


Stepping Into Your True Power


The Hara health exercises make a qualitative difference and help to fine-tune the human organism so athletes, dancers, and martial artists can improve their performance and go to the next level.


Hara activates your life force energy restoring balance, and rejuvenating the body to unleash your power