Charles Lambrou, founder and developer of The Hara Health Exercises, has spent most of his adult life exploring, investigating and learning about the human organism. Through many years of research and exploration, he has developed these practical easy to do exercises to help people transmute stress, trauma and negative emotions, improve performance and enrich their quality of life.

Charles is a healer, meditation teacher and Author of The Alchemist’s Way, He Lives in India and teaches internationally. He leads workshops on the art of meditation, natural breath, and Inner alchemy. He also teaches a Two-year Practitioner Training in Europe and he holds life-changing healing sessions and wellness retreats.

Over the past 20 years he has deepened his knowledge of the mindbody and studied systems of trauma release including Somatic experiencing, various systems of breath work and a host of healing modalities most importantly he learned a wonderful method of healing the heart with a healing Master in Japan, he has also studied biodynamic craniosacral therapy, qi gong, and inner alchemy.

Charles has trained over a thousand psychologists, counselors, and others in the helping professions in the healing of trauma, over diverse cultures in Europe, India, Asia, and Africa. He made a huge impact on the healing of the people of Myanmar after the Cyclone killed 140 000 people and 2 million people lost their homes. He trained more than three hundred volunteers to go back into their villages to help those that were traumatized. The Archbishop of Myanmar, his two bishops and a hundred priests and nuns also participated in the training learning the simple and effective self-regulation tools that he shares in his book The Alchemist’s Way. The Archbishop having experienced the power of the work was instrumental in making the 18-month program happen.